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At JP Entertainment we use the highest professional quality level of equipment and brand names only. We are confident in the reliability and the performance of our equipment and we only provide the best for our clients. We need to be certain that not only does our equipment sound and look professional, it needs to be resilient. We are constantly upgrading our equipment as needed to stay ahead in the market with the latest trends.


The last thing we want and you should worry about at your special event is the equipment failure due to cheap unreliable brands. This is where we take pride in our equipment and are very confident that it will not fail at all throughout the event.


Mackie SRM 450 powered speakers (qty 8)

450 Watts continuous power, 300 Watts rms low-frequency and 100 watts rms high frequency power.
2-way bi-amplified, optimized active system Built-in precision 24dB/oct.
Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover;300mm long-throw low frequency transducer;
High-output precision titanium compression driver Concert level quality;
don’t be fooled by the size (“Big things come in small packages”)

Mackie SWA 1801 subwoofer (qty 4)

800-Watt single 18” compact Active subwoofer system;
800-Watt continuous power FR Series high-current amplifier
Extended bass response from a compact enclosure which allows for enhanced and extended bass performance of any small to medium full range active or passive speaker;
Extremely powerful system capable of real, professional output levels. CLEAN 100% BASS.

Mackie SWA 1501 subwoofer (qty 4)

500-Watt single 15” compact Active subwoofer system;
500-Watt continuous power FR Series high-current amplifier
Onboard Active electronics provide equalization and high-pass filter for full-range loud speakers.
Extended bass response from a compact enclosure which allows for enhanced and extended bass performance
of any small to medium full range active or passive speaker;
Extremely powerful system capable of real, professional output levels. CLEAN 100% BASS.

Mackie SA 1532z (qty 4)

Mackie 1532z, Two 15" low-frequency drivers,
6" neodymium midrange transducer, 1.75" neodymium compression tweeter,
90 x 40-degree horn for open, natural sound, frequency response 39Hz-20kHz, Peak SPL 139dB @ 1 meter,
1500 watts total power, Re-calibrated active electronics, Precision crossovers, Built-in protection circuit,
dimensions 127 x 48,5 x 46cm These are the best speakers for dance floor.
Provides clean bass and perfect high’s and mid’s.

Shure U4D –M4 series UHF Handheld Wireless System with SM 87C Microphone

We truly believe in the quality and perfection of the sound when someone is giving a speech at your function
the last thing you want to hear is annoying feedback and disturbance from a cheap mic system.
This will leave a negative impression on you for hiring a cheap DJ…

And that’s where this unit out performs any other mic systems used by any dj’s now days.
A rugged microphone tuned to accentuate clarity. Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended.
Transmitter with automatic setup, a multi-function LED indicator (power, lockout, mute, low battery).
18 MHz operating range. Receiver with automatic
frequency selection and automatic transmitter setup with 90 selectable frequencies.
This is a concert level mic system with two Shure Beta 87c handhelds

Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer

A powerful 4 channel 96kHz/24 bit digital mixer offering DJs first class sonic fidelity,
immense connectivity including 61 fully assignable MIDI controls,
and a full range of effects with additional innovative new ‘sound color effects’ across all channels.
More Info available at :

Pioneer DJM 400 Mixer

Powerfull and compact 2-channel digital mixer with in-loop sampler and digital beat effects.
Digital processing technology taken from the top of the range DJM-1000,
beat sync effects and 3 band kill EQs combine to make a rugged, high fidelity performance mixer.
More Info available at :

Rane MP 24 Mixer

Featuring four Stereo Input mixing Channels,
each supplied with a selection of several PHONO and LINE Inputs,
the MP 24 easily suits the needs of the most complex audio/ video installations.
A total of six Stereo LINE Inputs are available plus three Stereo PHONO Inputs.
More Info available at :

Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 CD players

The new industry standard CDJ-1000MK3 provides full MP3 compatibility, a HOT LOOP feature,
JOG wheel ‘feeling adjust’ and improved presentation of track
and WAVE data along with support for SD cards to store cues and loops.
A brighter resolution on both raised jog wheel display and main display further enhance performance for DJs.
More Info available at :

Elation Design spot 250 Moving heads / Intelligent lights

Simply amazing, 2 gobo wheels, 14 total gobos, 11 metal, 3 glass
7 interchangeable, indexable, rotating gobos plus open / 7 interchangeable, static gobos plus open
Check out the demo :
Our exclusive video on you tube :

4 Beam laser light

Output power: 2*25mW@532nm green ,2*80mW@650nm red
Functions: DMX512, Sound control, Auto, Master/Slave, more than one hundred of patterns,
green red lasers effect from four apertures.
DMX512: Seven channels control with the function of ' BLACK OUT ‘;
Check out the demo :

Aggressor Disco Light

The Aggressor is a powerful effect for clubs, mobile DJs,roller rinks and bowling alleys.
The Aggressor especially looks great in pairs. The Aggressor creates a dramatic cluster of 40 multi-colored beams.
Not every client has the budget or need for high end intelligent lighting, therefore we provide this
Aggressor disco light to give you the lighting effects needed during dancing.
Check out the demo :

Martin PR1 light (Custom monogram)

The Mania PR1 is a 250 W image projector designed for high-quality projections
of patterns, images, logos and messages.
Check out the demo:

Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12s

High-performance ColorBlast® 12 LED fixtures generate rich, saturated colors and color-changing effects for a range of wall-washing and floodlighting applications. Designed with the needs of lighting designers, architects, and retail window directors in mind, ColorBlast 12 can be used in both indoor and outdoor installations. High-intensity LEDs produce superior light output of over 1200 lumens. ColorBlast 12 also offers full pan and tilt rotation, flexible mounting options, two beam angles, and superior control through Philips or third-party DMX controllers.
Check out the demo (video by skydalimit319) :

Chauvet Colorstrip

The Chauvet Colorstrip is a multi-use LED product. Great to color blast a wall or an entire room, excite a danceflloor, use in a mobile dj light show, stage light a band, place in a storefront window to draw attention, etc. By only drawing 12w of electrical current from your outlet, you can connect a couple, a bunch, or an entire room full with liitle electrical requirements. The easy part is linking them.
Check out the demo :

LED Glass DJ Facade

We dont use cheap DJ Facade, we customize our own glass boards to give your
event the classic professional clean look it deserves with LEDs behind it.

Moving head intelligent lights on Truss bars with LED warmers and skirt

All of our intelligent lighting systems are used with Truss bars. We do NOT put lights on the floor or speakers like other DJs. We set up properly or don’t set up at all. In addition to the Truss bars we give it a clean finish look by applying skirt around it and LEDs underneath it so it has a nice glow throughout the evening.

Rane Serato - Digital laptop software

Serato Scratch Live is the ultimate solution for bridging the analog world of music and the
digital world of computer audio files.
All of our DJs use Rane serato for the ultimate clear digital quality audio.
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